“There is nothing you cannot do, once the mind and the body are prepared and ready.”

 Pauline Gannon

Maternity Advisor of the Year


I am honoured and grateful to receive the Maternity Advisor of the Year Award.

It is wonderful to see my work – creating positive impact on women’s experiences around the pregnancy, being recognised.

Bringing Common Sense, Simplicity and solid Evidence Based Information to an industry that has over complicated some of the most natural processes in life.

You are unique, your wants, needs and desires are unique to you.

Together we find the right path for YOU that keeps YOU at the centre of you care.

Be Informed, Be Heard, Be in Control.

Welcoming a baby into your world is an exciting time—one where it’s easy to drown in information trying to find something that works for your unique situation. With years of hands-on experience at all levels of the maternity system, I am here to educate, prepare, and support you with information, tools and techniques tailor-made to your situation.

With extensive training in multiple disciplines including NLP, QTT, doula support, childbirth education and more, you can trust my expertise to guide you through a maternity system that doesn’t always offer the support it should at this exciting time in your life.

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My Services

One to One

Sometimes the best option is to work together privately so that we can get right into the detail that is personal to you without interruptions. My personalized One to One Consultations are available online via Skype or in person.

These sessions are unique and have been specifically developed to be give you immediate clarity, understanding and relief after your very first session.

The optimum is two sessions and very occasionally a third may be booked to prepare a person for the next step for them. Please note these session are not intended to be ongoing over a long period of time but instead quickly and effectively get to the root your issue or concern.

With a one to one session you get my undivided attention and each truly trans-formative consultation is tailored to your specific requirements.


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Oh there is nothing quite like the energy of a live workshop!

Just as much learning comes from the questions asked as the material being covered. We have giggles, laughs, moments of exasperation and even tears and this is all ok.

Workshops also offer the opportunity to not only gather all the information you need for your upcoming birth but to also tap into my expertise and explore different options to find what feels right to you.

With workshops taking place throughout the year you have lots of choice. Do book early though as places are limited.

Placenta Encapsulation

Did you know that you can have your Placenta transformed into very easy to take pills and other remedies made to support your postpartum recovery and care?

What a turnaround I have seen in this area in the past 3 years. Consultants and Midwives are now recommending Placenta Encapsulation.

I have encapsulated over 200 placentas and the feedback is consistent and quite frankly phenomenal. As a certified specialist I work to the highest standards and give the greatest care when encapsulating your Placenta.

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Sometimes you just want time out of life, no effort, no talking, just rest.

Reiki is a non-invasive therapy that is safe, amazingly relaxing, treats a host of ailments, allows deep bonding and provides the space to fully attune to yourself.

As a Reiki Practitioner I specialise Fertility, Pregnancy and Loss Reiki and only work with Women.
Reiki transformed my life when I was on my fertility, loss and pregnancy journey and I feel very privileged to work with energy with other women in the same areas.

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Birth Doula

As of January 2017 my Birth Doula work will only be with existing clients of mine who are facing and living through very special circumstances and high risk pregnancies/births.

This is where my heart lies when attending Births, to support those through stress, anxieties, the unknown, pain and heartache.

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