VBAC V’s Planned Cesarean Preparation Workshop

Are you preparing for VBAC Success?

Or perhaps you are feeling confused and not sure whether to go for VBAC or a Planned Cesarean?

This VABC – (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) Workshop is a 3-hour workshop for parents-to-be who have had one or more previous cesareans to explore all your options for your upcoming birth.

I will take you step by step through your options covering:

♥ Up to date research and statistics,

♥ Risk factors

♥ Success rates

♥ Informed decision making

♥ Insights and experiences from my own work in this area

♥ Feedback from the many clients’ I have supported

This workshop will allow you to not only understand the risks and benefits, but to understand the possibilities and options open to you.

What you will learn?

This VBAC Workshop encompasses all the vital elements of a positive VBAC and a positive Gentle Cesarean including:

♥ Physical and emotional aspects

♥ Birth preferences

♥ How to navigate our maternity system

♥ Foetal Monitoring – recommendations and practice

♥ Pain relief options

♥ Options for labouring with an epidural

I will teach you:

♥ What happens within your body physiologically during late pregnancy, labour and birth.

♥ Why we hear so much about mind set and the importance of remaining relaxed.

♥ How to stay in control during your birth.

♥ How to manage and work with your hospital, medical personnel and their environment so that you can still achieve the birth you want.

♥ How you and your birthing companion can create a birthing environment that is calm and relaxed, rather than tense, worried or perhaps even stressful.

♥ How to put together Birth Preferences that are unique to you, in a way that is easy to communicate to your midwife.

♥ How to maintain a relaxed state throughout your labour and your birth.

You will leave with:

♥ The knowledge to make informed decisions

♥ The confidence and motivation to openly discuss your options with your care provider

♥ MP3 relaxation and affirmation download

♥ In depth sample Birth Preference Sheets for all your options

♥ Industry expertise and ongoing support


Make sure to watch my video to hear why this VBAC PREPARATION WORKSHOP is ESSENTIAL for YOU, YOUR PARTNER and most importantly YOUR BABY.

How to join us at this VBAC V’s Planned Cesarean Preparation Workshop?

To join us at this unique and exciting event advanced booking is essential.

Book your space today through your PayPal account, if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay securely using any of the major credit or debit cards.

Simply select your preferred date and click BOOK NOW button below.

**Please note: this a stand-alone VBAC workshop and not my full Childbirth Preparation workshop. It is also priced as such. I highly recommend that you attend both a VBAC AND a Childbirth workshop to be fully prepared for your upcoming birth. Both workshops have been developed to compliment each other but you by means have to take both with me.

Costs, dates and locations

Price: €47

Deposit of €17 to reserve your place – click ‘BOOK NOW’ button below.

Balance of €30 payable on the day.

The price also includes:

♥ Tea/Coffee

♥ MP3 relaxation and affirmation downloads

♥ Facebook Group Membership

Time: 10 am until approx. 1 pm

Limerick – Castletroy

11th of March 2017

Fully Booked

10th of June 2017

Fully Booked

16th of September 2017

Fully Booked


Please feel free to email me at Pauline@thedynamicdoula.com if you have any questions.