One Day Birth Preparation Workshop


Are you confused about what you need to do for your upcoming birth, unsure where to turn too, or feeling a little lost in the sea of information?

At this one day Birth Preparation workshop, I will take you, step by step, through your birth, showing you exactly what will happen and what to expect, allowing you to not only understand the process, but to understand the possibilities and options open to you.

It’s no secret that women often have very different experiences when giving birth, and quite often, very different experiences even within the same hospital.  Lack of information and understanding is the most common contributing factor for these variances. When we have the correct information, it relieves overwhelm, brings clarity and this alone enables you to be prepared for your birth.


In my desire to reach as many people as possible and to make Birth Preparation more affordable and accessible I have developed this one day Childbirth Preparation Workshop.


Throughout the day I will take you step by step through your labour and your birth.

I will practically demonstrate relaxation and coping techniques, positions for labour and take you through the importance of mind set.

In a fun, positive and motivating environment I’ll share my personal and professional experiences and my best-practice labour and birth information, steps, guidelines and tips.


What you will learn?

This Childbirth Preparation Workshop encompasses all the vital elements of Childbirth including physical and emotional aspects, tools and techniques, positions, birth preferences, environment options and how to navigate our maternity system.


I will teach you:

♥ What happens within your body physiologically during late pregnancy, labour and birth.

♥ Why we hear so much about mind set and the importance of remaining relaxed.

♥ How to stay in control during your birth.

♥ How to manage and work with your hospital, medical personnel and their environment so that you can still achieve the birth you want.

♥ How you and your birthing companion can create a birthing environment that is calm and relaxed, rather than tense, worried or perhaps even stressful.

♥ How to put together Birth Preferences that are unique to you, in a way that is easy to communicate to your midwife.

♥ How to maintain a relaxed state throughout your labour and your birth.


You will leave with:

♥ The confidence and motivation to Birth your baby with ease and relaxation.

♥ Easy to understand step by step knowledge of labour and birth.

♥ Industry expertise and ongoing support for a fraction of the price.

♥ MP3 relaxation and affirmation download.

♥ A host of coping tools and techniques for labour and birth.

♥ Ongoing support within a private Facebook group.


Make sure to watch my video to hear why this BIRTH PREPARATION is ESSENTIAL for YOU, YOUR PARTNER and most importantly YOUR BABY.


How to join us at this One Day Childbirth Preparation Workshop?

To join us at this unique and exciting event advance book is essential.

Book your space today through your PayPal account, if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay securely using any of the major credit or debit cards.

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Costs, dates and locations

Price: €97

Deposit of €37 to reserve your place – click ‘BOOK NOW’ button below.

Balance of €60 payable on the day.

The price also includes:

   ♥ MP3 relaxation and affirmation downloads

   ♥ Facebook Group Membership

   ♥ All booklets and handouts on the day

Time: 9am until approx. 5:30 pm

Limerick – Castletroy Park Hotel

1st of April 2017

Fully Booked

1st of July 2017

Fully Booked

2nd of September 2017

Fully Booked


Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions.


Here is what some clients had to say about it.

“As a first time Mum I didn’t know what to expect. I was terrified of the pain I was facing with a birth and I knew this baby had to come out at some stage. I still can’t believe I remained so calm and was bursting with pride after delivering Ethan intervention free. I have gone from total fear to looking forward to the next time. Thank you to The Dynamic Doula!”

Colette & Pat

“I’m still in awe of the whole process; Pauline went above and beyond what she says she covers on this program. She is truly amazing and helped me overcome deep rooted fears that I didn’t think I could ever let go. I had a beautiful VBAC birth and the whole process helped enormously in my healing from my first birth and made my second birth a dream come true.”

Kathy Kavanagh

“I would highly recommend this lady to anyone who is preparing to give birth. Pauline helped us to just pull it all together and be prepared for any eventuality. She respected our wishes and worked with us for the birth WE wanted (it wasn’t a straight forward natural birth) and I am so grateful to her for doing that for us. Out little girl is just perfect, calm and so easy going and I believe it is because of all we learnt from Pauline during our pregnancy and birth.”


“I never believed it was possible to enjoy birth and yet that is exactly what happened I enjoyed the whole experience. You could have heard a pin drop in the delivery room. I am so grateful to Pauline’s course, for her support, patience and understanding.”

Maria Curtis

“As a man who had watched various television series on birth and listened to every horror story available, I believed birth should be dealt with by the medical profession not a Doula teaching you how to breath! Well I was more than surprised and educated by Pauline and her classes. She was clear, confident and more importantly for me, she had the facts and was able to answer every question I posed. I was not an easy participant. The classes were excellent and I have seen myself how invaluable they are to couples. My Son’s birth was incredible and momentous. Thank you Pauline for everything.”

Michael Cassidy